11/2015-03/2016: Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany (film "Agnes Martin im Gespräch mit Leon d'Avigdor" camera and conceptual cooperation)

06/2015: (M)EIN m2 Welt, Kunstscheune Gut Warnberg, Project Management, Munich, Germany

05/2015: Short Film Corner Cannes, France (soundtrack for "Behind this page but not disappearing" - a video performance by Angelina Voskopoulou)

05/2015: Kunstauktion Rudolf-Steiner-Schule, Munich, Germany (videoinstallation: "Turalu")

11/2014: Crossmedia Wettbewerb 2014 - winner "Sprache und Text"
iPad Collage with Class 6 Private Realschule Gut Warnberg ("Hairy Simpson")

05/2014: (M)EIN m2 Welt, Kunstscheune Gut Warnberg, Project Management, Munich, Germany

02/2014: Hairy Simpson, iPad Collage with Class 6, Private Realschule Gut Warnberg, Munich, Germany

10/2013: Crossmedia Wettbewerb 2013 - Juror "Movie"

11 - 12/2012: Gallery ART CARGO and FIX Hellas, Athens, Greece
(video: "KURAMASU")

11/2012: Crossmedia Wettbewerb 2012 - winner "Sprache und Text"
Video Art with Class 9b, Günter-Stöhr-Gymnasium, Munich, Germany (video: "Wie Farben wirken")

06 - 07/2011: ART-CAR-GO, Athens, Greece

04/2011: Lange Nacht der Kellerei,
Malzfabrik, Berlin, Germany
(open studio)

11/2010 - 12/2010: Gallery ART CARGO,
"Art meets Media", Athens, Greece
(multimedia installation "ID_ZOmE")

06/2010: Gallery ART CARGO, TIO ILAR III, Athens, Greece
(videoinstallation: "Turalu")

02/2010: Taos Shortz Film Fest, Taos, NM, USA
(video: "Turalu")

02/2009: Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany
(video “Die Furcht des Koenigs")

10/2008: Technopolis, Athens, Greece
(videos “Taking a Walk”, "USA Avatar")

07/2008: MA Summer Show 2008, Camberwell College, London
(project "ID_ZOmE")

06/2008: Funky Monkey Film Festival, London (video "USA_AVATAR")

04/2008: Art Video Screening 2008, Örebro, Sweden (video “Question to the digital”)

03/2008: projection of video work at Athen's Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
(videos “Taking a Walk”, "USA Avatar")

02/2008: "Sharp Shorts 08 Film Festival" at The Hub, Davis Street, London
(video "Question to the digital")

02/2008: “Identity Show” at Wilson Gallery, London (video “Taking a Walk”)

01/ 2008: shortlisted at LICC (London International Creative Competition) 2008
(video “Question to the digital”)